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Real Time Applications, Dashboards & Messaging

Elixir is a new generation functional & concurrent programming language built on top of Erlang's VM - BEAM.It's a language designed for productivity, extensibility & maintainability, brining in best of Erlang's fault-tolerance, distributed computing & concurrence.

High Traffic Systems

Elixir applications can respond in microseconds. You can handle more requests on the same hardware. E.g. E-commerce, Social Media, APIs

Bots & Intelligent Systems

Integrations with external services, have to wait and respond to asynchronous events. E.g. Gamification, Send email or notification based on an event, Chat Bots

Distributed or Clustered Systems

Perfect for fault-tolerant & decentralized system - load is spread across multiple connected systems. E.g. Metrics based Dashboard, Business Intelligence

High Availability & Zero Downtime

Rely on being available 24/7 (100% up-time) with proven fault tolerant & fail safe Erlang's OTP engineering.E.g. Payment Systems, Video Streaming, SaaS Applications

Real Time Apps & Push Notifications

Server side push notifications across different clients web or mobile on a Real Time basis. E.g. Chat Application, Messaging Platform, Dashboards

Large Enterprise Applications

With built-in Micro-services & fault tolerance architecture of OTP & Functional language paradigm, Elixir is very much suited for Large Enterprise Applications

Why Choose WebElves?

Our team has expertise and experience in building digital solutions using this technology for your most ambitious products. Build Real Time Applications, Dashboards, Messaging Applications using Elixir & Phoenix Web Framework.

Icicle is an early adopter of Elixir and have been actively using & promoting Elixir in medium to large scale products.

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